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3D home design and infographics

What is a 3D infographic?

The 3D Infographics is a skill whereby are used graphs by computer to make all kinds of images, related to the architecture design, products design or the industrial design, in order to be able to show of a more attractive, simple and realistic way a project.

3D Infographic for Interior Design

Taken to the area of the architecture, a 3D infographic allows us to design houses in 3D of the plans of a project long before it is taken to the reality, it allow to study the volumes that compose the building, the materials to be used, the fitting in the plot, etc. This kind of work frequently allows to make improvements in the design that beforehand would be undetectable until the design was not in progress, in addition to being able to offer to the customers images of their house long before the works of construction have begun.

3D Infographic of our next construction
3D Infographic for Interior Decoration

What advantages does a 3D infographic have?

They help to facilitate the comprehension of the architectural project, since it is very usual that a customer has no ability to interpret and/or to understand correctly the plans, or does not have enough spatial vision as to create mentally an image of the whole project.

It allows to be able to check what the final aspect of a housing will be and to study its volumetric, to choose the materials that better adapt themselves in the style of the housing, to study the light and the interior spaces without need to have to building it.

In the event of the reforms and the interiors design it is an inestimable help to visualize with all accuracy the magnitude of the space, the most ideal layout of the furniture and its style, the different possibilities of decoration and the balance between its spaces; finally it allows to see a home instead of lines in a plan.

3D infographic services we offer

Exterior views

It is the best way of showing your project, for the realism that it is possible to get and because it make easier the understanding by the customers across the graphic information that is provided across the images.

Also it allows to check the effect of all the finishes chosen in the project under the exposure of the exterior natural lighting.


Interior views

It is ideal to represent the interior spaces with entire accuracy and to know first hand inside the style that you should like, which is the correct arrangement of the furniture, which are the best tones to be combined, which are the best textures for the walls and how is the whole set with the exterior natural lighting or with the interior artificial lighting.

3D plan design

It is the basis on which is develops any project of housing and what more clearly defines a construction. They make easier the task of transmitting to the customer the habitability of the housing, the surfaces of the rooms and the real space that exists to accommodate furniture.