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Who is Urbalex Costa Blanca?

Urbalex Costa Blanca is a Real estate office that born in Calpe in the year 2012. Although we are a company with a recent history and composed by a team of young people, we want to transmit you that all the members make up part of a project that excites us and of which we are very proud to belong, our company: Urbalex Costa Blanca, where we are in constant formation and keep on improving every day to turn into your company of reference inside the real estate sector.

Our Mission

The main mission of Urbalex Costa Blanca is the optimal satisfaction of our customers, by means of the continuous progress. To reach a position in the real estate sector of the area, investing in processes of formation, quality and service (pre-sale and post-sale) to create value and make the difference in everything what we do. We help and advise the families to manage to sell its housing at a price of just market, with the minimal inconveniences and with the biggest possible rapidity.


Our View

Urbalex Costa Blanca aims to establish itself in the medium term by its seriousness, honesty and rigorousness in the development of its work, in a leading company of the real estate sector of the area. We want to be distinguished for offering a quality of excellent service to our customers and for offering an opportunity of personal and professional development to our personnel.


Our Values

The Honesty: because we believe that the honesty really compensates and that only across an honest management we will be capable of obtaining and preserve the confidence of our customers and collaborators.

The vocation service: because our work only receives sense when it serves to generate an additional value for our clients.

The Passion: because we know that the attainment of an ideal result only is possible when we enjoy intensely what we do and commit ourselves loyally and without conditions with our work.

The Humility and effort of overcoming: because we are conscious that we live in an environment in constant evolution, but it is precisely this conscience the one that motivates us permanently to improve, looking for the excellence and trying to offer the best solutions to our clients.

The Gratitude: since it is obvious that Urbalex Costa Blanca is a project that starts and finishes in the persons who interact with her, we are grateful to him in advance for its confidence.