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Construction of modern villas in Calpe

Construction System

Our new build houses are characterized by its minimalist design, functionally and sustainably, with high quality finishes and all the services that our clients could wish. At present the construction of our housings is realized using a system of prefabricated panels of reinforced concrete, which are transported and are assembled in the plot and which have different thickness and textures.

Once the structure has been assembled we will put in the floors of the different storeys and build the inner wall, with the corresponding thermal insulation, as well as the internal partitions. We will continue by waterproofing the terraces and roofs, self-levelling the various floors and providing space for cabling and pipes.

Once this process is complete, we will begin the finishing phase, doing all the flooring and tiling; installing all interior and exterior carpentry; installing the kitchen and its electrical appliances, electrical mechanisms and sanitary equipment; installing the interior and exterior lighting; creating the garden on the plot, and finishing off by painting the home and its exterior.

Do you want to see the construction of our houses?

The advantages of choosing your home with us:

New villas for sale in Calpe

Why choose a new home?

New or “new-build” homes have a series of very clear advantages over second-hand homes, which means it is always advisable to buy a new home rather than a second-hand home. The main advantages are as follows:

Modern Design: The current housings are adapted to the new trends and to the current times. The minimalist facades, the open spaces flooded by the light, the functionality of the spaces… are a series of services that hardly can offer a property with 15 or 20 years of antiquity.

Better Quality: The housings of new build use more novel and     resistant materials, which does that the general set of the property is of top quality than a built house fifteen years ago. This aspect influences the durability and the facility of maintenance of the materials during a more long period of time.

Greater energy efficiency: The most recent houses have adapted themselves to the new trends of the market and incorporate numerous measurements that makes the house more efficient, reducing this way the pollution levels and of energy consumption.

They do not need renovations:  It is a very important point to consider in the housings of new build, since they have just been built and finish off and do not need works to replace ancient and damaged areas.

Ready to move in and live there: Because a new home does not need any kind of refurbishment or alteration it is ready to be lived in right from the time when the contracts and deeds are signed.

Tranquillity: Most of the houses of new build are a little far away from the city centers of the cities, what supposes a less level of noise, a major privacy and a better quality of life.

Very competitive prices: The relation quality-price that the housings of new construction offer at present, is much better than the relation quality-price that offer the second-hand houses, especially if we bear in mind the following investments later to the buy of the housing that it is necessary carry out to improve certain areas of the house and to adapt it to our tastes.

Warranty: In observance of the law, all the housings of new build have to give a warranty period to its new owners, which depending on the coverage to which it refers will change between 1, 3 and 10 years.

Excitement: The motivation that supposes use for the first time a house and turning it into a home is a really appetising experience and the whole motivation, which well is worth it for obtain our target to live in the house of our dreams.