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chalets de nueva construccion en Calpe

Development and construction of homes in Calpe

Urbalex Costa Blanca is a developer and construction company located in Calpe, who has decided to center its efforts during the last years on the construction, development and sale of single-family homes in the municipality of Calpe.

Our mission is to be able to offer our clients the home they have always dreamed of, which they finally have within reach. Our houses show a different way of looking at architecture, as we offer elegant, modern homes with large open spaces and luxurious details to make your dreams come true.

We want our clients to pick out our houses because of the quality of the materials we use, helping us create homes with greater energy efficiency. We hope they value the care and perfection with which we do our job and recognise the reliability of a company that always meets handover deadlines and offers the best value for money on the market for new housing in Calpe.

In Urbalex Costa Blanca we have the plots for the building, we put to its service all the knowledge and experience of our magnificent team of professionals and our firmest will and conviction of doing always the best thing at the time of building a home, so that the final result exceed the expectations of our customers.

At present our housing developments are carry out in the residential area of Pla Roig I in Calpe, located at 1 km of the Town Center and beaches of Calpe, as well as to the schools, supermarkets and sports area. The area of Pla Roig, approved in the PGOU by the Town hall of Calpe in 1998, and developed in the following years it is one of the residential areas with major quality infrastructures in Calpe. It has wide streets and sidewalks, network of public lighting and network of municipal sanitation.

Home development Residential Area Pla Roig I 2015-2017

Model Core – Type A


Functional, flexible and elegant home with a fluid layout characterized by its big open spaces. The house is develop around the core of stairs, about which there are distributed the different rooms that shape the house. Across its big large windows it bind together the exterior spaces with the interiors giving a big harmony and warmth.

Calpe urbalex promocion casas

Model Core – Type B


Contemporary house characterized by the functionality and the extent of its spaces. Designed to enjoy both its interior spaces and its exterior areas, the housing offers in its whole a balance and a perfect harmony. Its big openings in the facade give it a character and a personality uniques.

Model Core – Type C


It is a house that joins together the flexibility and the elegance of our model CORE 1 with the functionality and the extent of spaces of our model CORE 2. Maintaining the stairs as central core of the housing, the distribution of the spaces and its relation with the exterior spaces will surprise our most demanding clients.

Model Confort


House of modern design characterized by its sloping walls and its different volumes developed in one single floor. Completely open to the outside and with a very functional design in its interior, take precedence the wide spaces and bathed by the natural light.

Model Techland


It is a modern housing, of minimalist aesthetics in which predominate the big large windows in its principal facades. This house is characterized by its open spaces and its rooms of big size where predominates the plenty of natural light.

of choosing Urbalex Costa Blanca

Project and Execution

We will help you to plan and develop carefully your project up to the last detail, what will allow to execute the housing in a short space of time and with a closed price that does not suffer changes.

Energy Saving

Thanks to the constructive system of our facade, we avoid the creation of thermal bridges and together with our isolation and the quality of our carpentries, we are able to reduce the energy consumption and offer to our clients more efficient housings.

Modern Style

Our houses are characterized by its modern style, its elegance and its concept of open spaces, with high quality finishes and all the services that one could wish.


We have an excellent human team composed by architects, project management, builders and professionals of the different sectors that will guarantee a work of maximum quality.

What guarantees do new-build homes have?

In Spain, the Building Regulation Act 38/1999, of 5 November, compels agents involved in constructing new homes (developer, designer, site manager and builder) to give the purchaser a series of guarantees and to be answerable for any construction defects. Depending on the type, the period varies between one, three and ten years.

1. Guarantee of one year

During this period of time the builder will have to face to the material damages that could arise as consequence of an inefficient execution of the works, which would comprise defects in the works of completion of the housing. Like example, the following assumptions would remain included under this guarantee, for example: adjustments of doors and windows that do not close good, revisions of painting, defects in tiles, lights that do not work…

2. Guarantee of two years

For a period of three years it must take responsibility for all functional deficiencies that may occur in the home due to defects or flaws either in the construction or the installations making up the home. This ensures the home can be lived in satisfactorily by the new owners. The following circumstances, for example, would be covered by this guarantee: problems of damp (either caused by condensation or dripping) or faults in installations (electricity, heating/air conditioning, plumbing, home automation, etc.).

3. Guarantee of ten years

Finally, a guarantee exists for ten years, which covers the material damages caused in the housing by vices or defects that they affect to the foundation, the supports, the beams, the slabs, the bearing walls or other structural elements, and that compromise straight the mechanical resistance and the stability of the building.

What is defect insurance?

The defect insurance is an obligatory insurance that the construction and property developer companies must hire to assure the possible structural damage that could suffer the housings during the following 10 years from the date of construction. Without the decennial insurance, it is not possible to inscribe the new build in the Land Registry.

The object of this defect insurance is to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants of a new building at the delivery of the work, by the damage suffered by vices or structural defects in the construction, and that they could affect straight to the mechanical resistance and the stability of the same one.

The defect insurance must be hired by the property developer at the moment of the securing of the pertinent building permit. To be able to realize the insurance, it is essential that the developer hires the services of an Organism of Technical Control (OCT). The OCT is an independent organism hired by the developer (normally there are companies of engineering and/or architecture) that take as a mission the control of the quality of the project, the material execution of the process of building, the correct subjection of the work to the project and the adequacy to the applicable regulation. Also he must help to certain fundamental moments of the constructive process (execution of the foundations, slabs, structures…) to be able to give faith of which the actions that are carried out accomplish with the requisites and the quality marked in the project.

What is the building logbook?

The Building Logbook has been a mandatory document since May 2000 and includes the necessary information on all the building’s physical and technical characteristics. In practical terms, it operates as a Conservation Manual for the building’s owners and it includes their obligations concerning the conservation of the property. As such, it includes:

The instructions for the use and maintenance of the housing and its facilities. In it there are indicated the obligatory inspections and the suitable ones of the facilities (heating, plumbing, electricity…).

The maintenance of the materials used in the construction, so that they can be observed by the final user of the housing.

The construction project, together with all the modifications and changes that could have arisen, all of them properly approved.

The acceptance document for the building work.

The definitive list of those involved in building the home.